Day 97 – Ribeira to Porto

Another warm sunny day. We’d pre-packed as much as we could, and taken down the drive away awning the night before to save packing it wet from the heavy dew. Everything has its place in the boot now, and gas is about the first thing packed, so we rely on our 12 volt kettle that takes nearly an hour to boil when full for morning tea or coffee. It works – we just have to plan its use in advance.

We said goodbye to our new friends on the campsite, picked up our pre-ordered bread from reception (which is the nicest bread I have ever tasted), and set off after coffee.

We took the slow route, along the coast, blindly following the sat nav’s claim for being the most direct route. We soon learnt that ‘most direct’ means silly short cuts along barely passable lanes to shave inches off a perfectly enjoyable ‘A’ class coastal road. A bit of common sense is required. Using the most direct route setting, even with common sense applied, can lead to mistakes in towns and cities, when this happens, the sat nav redirects: “turn right, then turn right again immediately”. This led to my second big driving error of this tour.

Recovering from having turned one turning too late at a roundabout the sat nav sent me down a one-way street, no problem there (I was going the right way down the one-way street). Approaching a crossing, I was advised to go straight ahead. As there was a monument in the middle of this junction, I ignored this advice, and went around the monument to bemused looks from groups outside bars. I’d just gone the wrong way around a roundabout. Fortunately it was between 12 and 3 when town centres seem to be devoid of local traffic, so there was no risk to other road users – but I did feel a fool for having made such a stupid mistake, the second such driving on the left mistake, the other having been at the diametrically opposite end of the continent.

The campsite just outside Porto is the liveliest we’ve visited this phase of our trip. Others, Campagne excepted, have ranged from quiet to dead quiet. But there’s quite a community here. There’s also another family of four (without dog) travelling for a year. They have a boy three months older than Ben and a girl three months younger than Jack. They are just at the beginning of their adventure. We are a third of the way through.

One thought on “Day 97 – Ribeira to Porto

  1. I on a drove the wrong way round a roundabout in A twerp at 3:00M. Dad was somewhat leaved! More love mexxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

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