Day 100 – Porto

It is, perhaps, fitting that we spent our 100th day away with our van doing something different. We visited Porto city centre. Not since the previous power of 10 landmark (Day 10 – Copenhagen) have we attempted a city visit. On that occasion, and being in a somewhat less dog friendly country, we left Meg and Jess in the car in a multi storey shopping centre car park, then took the train into the city centre, restricting ourselves to leaving the dogs for no more than four hours.

Similarly, on this occasion, we drove to the car park of a local shopping centre, leaving the van in the open. This time we took our dog with us, free on the train, to the city centre. We walked along the Duro, under many spectacular bridges, to the historic centre.


Once there we stopped for an ice cream, then took a short boat trip along part of the Duro, seeing from the boat all we had seen from our earlier walk – plus a bit more, with commentary in Portuguese, English and French.


On our return to the shopping centre, I returned to the car with Ben, Jack and Meg while Clare went shopping. After a surprisingly short wait Clare appeared with matching Crocs for Ben and me -What fun!

Had we still two dogs, I am not sure we would have had such an easy and fun day. We wouldn’t have been able to leave the dogs in the van in the sunshine with the roof down for more than a couple of hours. And taking a puppy on the train, walking through a city centre, on a boat then back on a train again, with two toddlers and another dog would be difficult.

We missed the sunset that we enjoyed yesterday (pictured below) and went for dinner at the local restaurant where we were served by three generations of the same family: paternal grandmother, mother and daughter. They all took a shine to Ben and Jack.

Our Dutch neighbour.
Ben, Jack and Meg playing at sunset

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