Day 101 – Porto to Cabo da Roca

Before saying saying farewell to our friends on the campsite we had a quick last walk with Meg along the beach.

So far, we had generally avoided the motorway in Portugal, passing just three automatic gantries, each of about 1 Euro. However, Porto to Lisbon was indicated twice the speed on the motorway by the Sat Nav, so we decided to use that route. We duly collected a ticket as we entered the motorway. When we came off just before Lisbon, we were charged 43 Euros as a Class 2 vehicle. In France Class 2 is over 2 metres and our van in 1.95m. I argued. I shouldn’t have. In Portugal Class 2 is over 1.1 metres. 43 Euros was the toll Porto to Lisbon. Trying to keep costs for *everything* below an average of 100 Euros per day – to keep Macawber happy, a 43 Euro toll is quite a hit.

We arrived at the car park at Cabo da Roca at about 6pm – it was full of tourists for the sunset. We quickly checked at the tourist information that we could park for free for the night, and went off for somewhere to eat.

Cabo da Roca is the most westerly point of continental Europe, and so the most westerly point of the European Union mainland. We had already visited the most northerly point full of naked Finns sitting in mosquito infested woodland outside a sauna (day 42) and the most easterly point, a delightful lake with a boundary stone on an island (day 47), so this is our third compass point of the European mainland. The forth should be in just a few days’ time. According to “Vote Leave” the Southern and Eastern points will be changing shortly when Turkey joins the European Union.

So here we are, camping for free, Clare asleep on the bench seat, Meg on the front passenger seat, the child seats piled high on the drivers’ seat and the boys and me in the roof tent under the four flashes then pause every 18 seconds of the Cabo da Roca lighthouse (I’m praying fog doesn’t roll in). 15 Euros saved on campsite fees, spent three times over on the motorway toll getting here.


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