Day 102 – Cabo da Rico to Praia da Luz

Set the sat-nav to our destination, fastest route avoiding tolls.

About 30 minutes after setting off, with the backdrop of a spectacular Moorish castle, Jack said, “I have a stomache ache”. This should have raised alarm bells as Jack is very stoic – unlike his big brother who moans and groans at anything. Sure enough, in the Lisbon suburbs, Jack vommited, the first vomit of our trip, which in itself is somewhat surprising. Probably not travel sickness, as Jack was right as rain immediately after being sick. After cleaning him up we had a coffee in a local cafe then bought groceries for the next few days.

The next thing the sat-nav did was take us over a toll bridge – fortunately only tolled for northbound traffic, and we had a delightful drive south to Praia da Luz and a wonderful campsite with the most amazing toilet block – including seats, paper and soap. The pool was open when we arrived, but by the time we were ready to swim, having set up camp, it was about to close. We explored the campsite by bike instead.

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