Day 104, 105 and 106 – Praia da Luz

Loads of swimming and not much else.

This really has been a wonderful campsite for us, apart from exercising Meg, we’ve hardly ventured off the grounds. The temperature has been upper twenties in the daytime and upper teens overnight with the pool temperature 22 in the morning and 26 by the afternoon.

Twice we’ve eaten the three course buffet lunch in the campsite restaurant: 10 Euros for adults, 3.50 for children 2-5 years. Salad starter, cooked main and pudding. During the evening there has been live entertainment. The “Dixie Kings” one night, then a somewhat curious Italian Night on another night. The singer they employed for the Italian Night well known Italian classics such as The Beach Boys, Surfing USA, Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called…, and La Bamba.

We did manage to go on a family foray towards Lagos on our bikes, there’s a service road running alongside the main N125, but nearer Lagos the service road ran out, and the main road is far too busy for Ben on his bike.

Tomorrow we drive to Cadiz. We are taking a gamble by going on the toll road. The toll itself is 15 Euros, but we have no means to pay. We don’t have a transponder which would cost 20 Euros, we can’t pay at the post office 48 hours after travel as we will no longer be in Portugal, so all we can do is drive along the road, and see of the 15 Euro toll plus 25 Euro penalty turn up sometime in the future.


Breakfast at Camp Crispin


Ben dancing to the Dixie Kings


A mystery photo taken by someone illicitly using my phone while sitting on the lower berth in the van. It is taken through the sliding door, showing all our gear and the car child seats in the safari room and my profile through the safari room’s window.

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