Day 110 – Cadiz

The tailgate prop did a much better job of stopping water pooling on the awning used vertically. Perfect.

Today the weather was much better and we went to Cadiz. Mum, Clare and the boys went by ferry; dad, Meg and I went by van. Dogs over 10Kg are not allowed on the ferry, and I would not leave Meg in the van in the sunshine for more than 2 or 3 hours. We won’t all legally fit in the van.

Amazingly, dad and I passed the other’s ferry as it was departing, and saw it docking in Cadiz as we arrived. We parked in an underground car park with a 2m height restriction – the van is 1995mm! The charge was 0.035 Euros per minute – parking charges by the minute was a first for me.

Another delightful town with plenty to see. The highlight for the boys was watching a team of municipal workers chop up and remove a fallen tree from the pavement. The highlight for my parents was watching the boys dance and shadow a street Flamenco dancer.


The others all returned by boat, I returned alone with Meg in the van.

We went to the campsite cafe for dinner – the boys propped up the bar.


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