Day 112 – Cadiz

The three of us, the two boys and I, slept together on the lower bunk with the roof and upper berth raised – very comfortable.

We took an excursion to Gibraltar. The drive was about one hour, but we had to queue for over 30 minutes to pass the Spanish checks. They required doors to be opened so they could have a good nosey inside. The British check just waved us through.

Thankfully we found somewhere to park – 50p for 1.30pm to 2pm then free – and we went up to the top of the rock by cable car, at least mum, the boys and I went up. Meg wasn’t allowed, and Dad, who had been to Gibraltar before, for a cruise on HMS Illustrious to Portsmouth soon after she entered service, kindly volunteered to remain behind to look after Meg.

As it turned out, it was with good reason that dogs are barred from the cable car. Once at the top Meg would have gone crazy with all the monkeys, and given half a chance she’d have chased one off the rock, but would have gone over herself.

We all watched with amusement as a student posed for photos with a mother and baby, and when he put his bag down a monkey ran off with it, adeptly searching it for food and scattering the contents.

After the summit, we went to Europa point. Free from monkeys I let Meg off the lead and she promptly found a cat to chase – onto a gun.

IMG_0230Europa point lighthouse.

We felt we’d done Gibraltar so set off back to the campsite. We returned to El Puerto along the coast road, stopping off at Tarifa. In one respect, that completed our tour of the European Union. Amarillo has now visited all four compass points of the European Union mainland: Nuotgam in Finland, on the Norwegian border; a very remote spot near Ilaja again in Finland on the unfenced eastern EU border with Russia; Cabo da Roca near Lisbon on the Atlantic coast in Portugal; and now Tarifa where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet the southern tip of Europe with Africa just under nine miles south. I wonder when a tunnel will be built to help trade between the continents.



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