Day 119 – Cadiz to El Ejido

It took me 70 minutes to pack the van today – exactly the same length of time that it took our 12 volt kettle to boil. I make that 840,000 joules. It should take 267,750 joules to raise 750ml of water by 85 degrees, so somewhere 2/3 of the energy of our 12 volt kettle is being lost.

I don’t know if it is my imagination, but there seemed to be more Spanish flags flying outside people’s homes today. Here in southern Spain it has been quite common to see the trio of EU, Spanish and Andalusian flags fluttering outside homes and businesses, but I cannot recall seeing the Spanish flag alone in such numbers. In Scandinavia it was very common to see flags, seemingly on average, every second home would be flying their national flag, very often a pennant. It has been less common in other countries, but today I either noticed it more or there were more. If there were more, I expect it’s a display of national unity behind the Madrid government.

The main feature of today’s drive was poly tunnels. Never before have I seen so many, millions of poly tunnels containing billions of plants producing trillions of tomatoes- and here, in El Ejido, we are in the poly tunnel capital of the Universe. I expect the El Ejido poly tunnels could be seen from the moon, with our campsite an oasis in the middle of a sea of poly tunnels. Take a look on Google Earth.

Meg is recovering. At last she is beginning to put some weight on her poor paw. I should have photographed her shaved legs showing the thorn lacerations- as a taster for a better photo another day, here are her front paws taken after night fell.


She’s had to move from a two meal per day routine to three meals as the antibiotics twice a day need to be with food, and the anti inflammatory also needs to be with food but not with the antibiotics. It’s all rather complicated, but we’ve got a routine. We’re not worried, Meg will mend.

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