Day 120 to 122 – El Ejido

This really must be the vegetable powerhouse of Europe. Seemingly every available square metre of land is covered with polytunnels. A sneak peek inside suggests peppers, tomatoes and courgettes, and guess what portion of vegetables came with our meal in the campsite’s cafe tonight? Yes – roasted peppers (green and red), roasted tomatoes, roasted courgettes and roasted onion, all presumably scrumped from the local poly tunnel, and all absolutely delicious.


Apart from a brief excursion to Gibraltar, this is our first time on the Mediterranean coast, a continuous coastline we will be broadly following all the way to the toe of Italy. The air seems stiller and moister than that of the Atlantic, but perhaps that, just a change in the weather. And we have certainly been spoiled with fantastic weather these last few weeks. Clear skies and daytime temperatures of low to high twenties – and late October. We know this won’t last as we move into southern France then northern Italy, but we will enjoy it while we can.


Meg has made a swift recovery. She has just finished her course of antibiotics (which I now think were unnecessary as the thorn injuries were superficial) and the anti-inflammatory medicine is working a treat on her sprained or twisted wrist, She is back to herself, and day by day the limp has gone. I don’t think that she limped once today, and we had a lovely walk along the coast, where Ben spotted a pirate ship.


It was easy to get the boys back from the beach – I just said “a pirate is coming”, and away they came. Mean me.

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