Day 128 – Saldes

This is a stunningly beautiful campsite, and we have the entire tent area to ourselves, which gives and enormous sense of freedom and independence. We have the security of a fenced campsite with the isolation of the wild.

IMG_0425Ben and Jack in awe of the mountains

We had poor weather in Notway’s mountains and poor weather in the Picos de Europa. At last we had fine weather in the mountains, and at last Clare understood what I’d been saying to her. There’s nowhere more dramatic than the mountains in good weather. It wasn’t always good. We woke up to light snow – the first time the boys had experienced falling snow. It was sunny also so Ben enquired about when we’d see a “snowbow”. We didn’t see a snowbow, but we did see Pyrenean vultures circling high in the sky.

IMG_0419Clare enjoying a cup of tea

The nights were cold, very cold, down to minus 5. For the first time we used the parking heater all night, and for the first time we ate our evening meal in our van.

One of the things that we love about Amarillo is its chameleon-like ability to transform itself. Car to hotel to dining room to van to sitting room. We haven’t yet used it as a kitchen, but perhaps that day will come.

IMG_0380Our van at dusk.

On Monday evening, we went swimming. This campsite has a heated indoor pool. What a luxury.. Clare prepared frankfurters and pasta and we ate in the van.

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