Day 130 – Toulouse

Initially planning to take Meg with us into the town centre, we had a last minute change of mind. We cycled with Meg running alongside about a mile along the canal tow path, then back again, leaving Meg in the car. We took a taxi into town, after a late night it would have been too much to pack away the safari room and wind in the awning.

We had a wonder through the narrow cobbled streets of old Toulouse, the city where Clare studied French for a year as part of her degree.

We went into a toy shop, and there must have been something about our dishevelled look from living in a car for nearly half a year that made the three shop assistants stop what they were doing and watch every move we made.

We bought two toys – a matching pairs card game and a small wooden toy. We then ate in one of Toulouse’s many restaurants.

After walking by the canal, we returned to the campsite by train. We ate a cold dinner – having eaten out for lunch – in the van, and played our new card game until bedtime.

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