Day 139 – Tournon to Frejus

After boasting yesterday about how good I am at driving away from the awning, when packing up this morning I tried folding up the tent with an inflated air beam still in place!

We were on the road by 11am after a fresh croissant and coffee made by boiling  water in our 12 volt kettle.

The sat nav suggested a route that would take us almost back to Montpellier. By asking it to avoid motorways I found a much more direct route through the foothills of the alps – taking twice as long. We took the shorter longer route, or do I mean the longer shorter route? The more interesting one anyway. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, both boys were sick because of the winding roads. This is only the second time we’ve had any sickness, so perhaps it was the grossly undercooked steak hache they shared the previous evening. I enjoyed the drive, and Ben was delighted to see someone paragliding, which he calls parrot souping.

We arrived at our campsite just before seven, which was just as well as they lock the gates at seven and go home! We are delighted to find they have a heated indoor swimming pool, and bakery just around the corner. Being right by the Mediterranean Sea it’s much warmer here than the inland areas where we’ve been camping recently. A nighttime temperature of 8 degrees, not freezing or below, and a daytime temperature in the high teens, not the single figures we’ve been used to. We will stay two or three nights before crossing into Italy via Monaco.

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