Day 140 – Frejus

Campsite cooking can be a bit of a challenge, but tonight we feasted on roasted chicken with fried vegetables and onion gravy.


The cheat: the local corner shop sells roasted chickens for 7.90 Euros. We made the gravy and cooked the veggies.

It is nice to be somewhere where once again it is sufficiently warm to eat in the tent. High teens daytime, high single figures nighttime. This campsite has an indoor heated swimming pool.

2 thoughts on “Day 140 – Frejus

  1. Where is the campsite exactly? We love Frejus. Great markets in the summer.

    I noticed on one of your lead pics a couple of drawers under the rear bed section. Where arey from?


    1. The campsite is Flower Camping Le Frejus. The only campsite open this time of year. I cannot recommend except for the indoor heated pool.

      The drawers are Muji. 18+30cm or 24+24cm fit perfectly under the Beach bench. They all stack in the tent awning.


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