Day 142 – Frejus to Imperia

We have managed to persuade Vodafone to refund our roaming charges in Andorra. They have a roaming information line with a recorded message something like: “You can now phone roam-free in 50 European countries. If travelling further afield contact us for roaming charges”. When I spoke to Vodafone, they said that I should have checked with them their roaming costs. I said that we had, and that their information was misleading. Andorra is landlocked between France and Spain and is NOT further afield than their 50 roam free area. They either agreed with me or capitulated.

We visited Monaco on our way to Italy. We managed to get hopelessly lost in its narrow twisty streets, stacked one on top of another, and probably completed at least six laps of the Grand Prix circuit before finally escaping.

So here we are in Italy staying on what is undoubtedly the worst campsite so far. And it’s the most expensive off season campsite at 29 Euros; 19 Euros ACSI base price plus 5 Euros per child over two. Smallest pitch yet, worst toilet block yet and no playground facility for children. The receptionist is a kind and helpful Bangladeshi man who speaks excellent English with a south London accent. He spent six months living in Croydon and directed us to a great pizza restaurant, overflowing with local customers on a Monday night. The bill: exactly the same as our refunded Vodafone roaming charges. Thanks Vodafone.

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