Day 147 – Monte di Fo to Serravalle

It was misty when we packed up, so the tent and roof topper were a bit damp, but we were on our way soon enough, and as soon as we had descended 100m we popped out of the cloud. We’ve had five consecutive days of murk.

The motorway to Bologna was new and fast with several very long tunnels, and then we turned right onto flatish land, racing past the Imola Grand Prix cuircuit. Then, as soon as we hit the Adriatic coast we took another sharp turn to the right, and entered the twenty-first country of our trip, San Marino.

And yes, San Marino is a country –  apparently the world’s oldest, created 1716 years ago. It also boasts the world’s oldest constitution still in use, written in the late 16th century. San Marino is the only country in the world where the number of cars is greater than its population. Its fourth great boast is having the world’s worst National football team, securing a single 1-0 victory in International matches, against Lichtenstein. However, in 1993 they took just 8.3 seconds to score a goal against England in the final round of the World Cup qualifiers. Thanks Google!

We’ve yet to see much of the country, but the main town looks magnificent, perched on a mountain. The campsite is great, with plenty of space, several children’s play areas and its own zoo.

Rain is forecast all day tomorrow, and then the temperature is set to plummet, from 17 degrees to minus four. Thank heavens for our wonderful diesel heater.

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