Day 152 – Rome

It turns out that this Sports’ Centre with chalets and campervan facilities is rather good for us. It’s just a 10 minute walk to the railway station, which is just one stop to the Holy See. The train goes on to central Rome. We booked a second night into our room for 54 Euros, they seemed to forget Meg and we weren’t going to mention her.

The other great thing about this campsite is that past the campervan area, at the very bottom, is a large open secure field, perfect for playing frisbee with Meg.

The downside is no kitchen, and especially no kettle. We had breakfast in the sports centre (6 Euros each – 1 child free). When we are trying to keep to under 100 Euros per day, 64 + 40 + 18 for accommodation and two meals only is unsustainable, especially so when that 100 Euros is supposed to cover all living and travel expenses except vehicle depreciation.

Travel into Rome was cheap, 1.50 Euros for a all mode travel pass lasting 100 minutes from first validation. We went one stop, left the EU for the first time since yesterday (San Marino is also outside the EU), and entered Vatican City. They were decorating the Christmas tree using cherry pickers.


Possibly the only thing that Ben and Jack like more than a Christmas tree is watching workmen on a cherry picker. They were in heaven. And to add to this ecclesiastical ecstasy St Peter’s Square was full of people eating food – where there are people eating food there are crumbs – where there are crumbs there are pigeons – and when Ben and Jack see pigeons they run at them to watch them fly away. The entertainment in the square was perfect.


Eventually we dragged the boys out of St Peter’s square and walked down to the river were we saw buskers. Ben was given some money to put into her guitar case. Not wanting to be outdone, Jack too demanded cash, and after being given a careful instruction to put it into her guitar case went up to her as she was singing and dropped it into her guitar just as she was in the middle of some jolly Italian ditty.


A cheap cafe lunch, then basic provisions for a bread and cheese dinner, and we returned to the sports centre.

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