Day 159 – Manfredonia

A dry practice at fitting our newly acquired snow chains was easier than expected. I’m sure it won’t be so easy on the edge of a precipice in a blizzard, but at least I now have some stowed safely under the driver’s seat should I be required to show them to some over zealous poliziotto.

That job out of the way we went to the beach. Daytime temperature is about 14, nighttime about 10 degrees cooler. Apparently this is fairly typical for winter. In still air and sunshine, 14 degrees is just enough for me to sit in t-shirt and shorts without feeling a chill. The slightest puff of wind or cloud cover, and the fleece comes off the back of my chair.

Our boys kept their sweaters on and had fun building sand castles.


Later their trousers and pants/nappy came off and they went paddling. Inevitably their sweaters got soaked.

To honour the Immaculate Conception the campsite owner opened his restaurant and with another couple we feasted on pizza.

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