Day 160 – Manfredonia

We drove away from our driveaway awning today and went into town. It was a festival day, and all the locals were out and about in their “Sunday” best. We eventually found a parking spot sufficiently large for our van loaded with bikes, and just as I was unloading the bikes a police car pulled up in front. I rather hoped he’d ask to see my snow chains, but that was always going to be unlikely as the road alongside the promenade in Manfredonia is not one on which it is required to carry snow chains.

We cycled back into town along the promenade and found a nice restaurant for lunch. We then explored a little more ang found a statue of the town’s founder riding a grand looking horse that Jack called a donkey. How insulting is that? A bit like mistaking a golden eagle for a crow.


We then drove to the town above, Monte Sant Angelo where there is a church built in a cave which God himself consecrated. It turned out that the ascent was rather more than I’d expected – the church is at 2500 feet, and it was considerably colder. To make matters worse, there were about eight thuggish looking guys collecting parking fees at the free car park. We parked, without ceding to the thugs’ demands, took a photo of the view below town, and then drove back down the mountain without seeing the cave church.


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