Day 161 – Manfredonia

A forecast of a dry morning and wet afternoon brought us onto the beach early to exercise both boys and dog. The boys seemed to pay no heed to the idea of a dry morning, and were soon splashing in the sandy puddles left by the retreating tide.

The tidal range here appears to be about 6 inches, but I really don’t understand how tides work here in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Seas. One thing I’m sure about- the water doesn’t all come and go from the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar. It either oscillates up and down the Adriatic or across it, or perhaps goes around it. I haven’t even worked out if there are one or two tides per day.

Just as we left the beach the rain started, it continued steadily all afternoon. The temperature dropped. An English man staying here over the winter has lent us a fan heater – and what a difference it makes to our tent. We are limited on hookup to 6 amps, so we use the heater on the 1000 watt setting, but even on that low setting it heats the awning nicely while we are having lunch.

News of the Brexit deal has filtered through to us. It seems that we will be paying about €50 billion to have the same regulations as the single market and custom union without having a say in what those regulations might be. I wonder what institution will rule on whether or not Britain has “regulatory alignment” with the EU? Perhaps we’ll be able to revert to buying apples by the pound and petrol by the imperial gallon, but it’s difficult to imagine many other benefits. Still, the pound has strengthened, and that is a good thing for us.

After lunch in our heated tent we sheltered for the rest of the afternoon in the upper deck of our van, all, except Meg, huddled together watching a repeat performance of Mary Poppins.

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