Day 162 – Manfredonia

The day started with good news followed by a Brexit argument with a Luxembourger.

This campsite is cheaper than expected. 13 Euros per night with 7 nights for the price of 6. ~€11 per night – no extras. Chatting at the washing machines with a Luxembourger, I was told that Brexit was due to the greed of the British people. I really do not believe this to be the case: £350m a week for the NHS was widely debunked at the time, and I expect few people believe, few complain at the UK government meeting the NATO target of 2% of GDP going on defence, and we are all proud that Britain is one of only six countries meeting the UN’s target of 0.7% of GDP being spent on foreign aid. We might moan about some of the projects that money is spent on, but few begrudge helping to lift billions of people out of absolute poverty. I think he was unconvinced by my arguments – he has his pet theory that the British people are greedy, and that is that.

The sun was shining and we retired to the beach. Snow had fallen on Monte Sant Angelo across the bay.


It looks like the snow line is at about 2000 feet (600 metres). We’ve been told that the Adriatic drops from a high of 30 degrees in summer to 12 degrees in winter. That should be enough to make snow on the beach itself a rare occurrence.

Later on the beach a couple from Emilia-Romagna turned up with three border collies. Meg was beside herself with joy at meeting them and played like they were long lost friends. Border collies seem to be the Nazis of the dog world, considering themselves to be superior to other dogs. But when another border collie appears they play like they are puppies again.

After lunch we packed away our tent, ready for a move tomorrow. We have stored the child seats and some luggage in the back of the sanitary block, so tomorrow all we need do is pack the van. We need to buy gas on our way to Naples – our third refill in six months. One bottle of 907 Campingaz lasts us 3-4 weeks. Longer in Scandinavia where many campsites have camping kitchens with free to use electric hobs.

I wonder if our new snow chains will see some use as we cross the Italian spinal mountains once more.

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