Day 164 – Pozzuoli to Pompei

After being turned away from one campsite, because they had chosen to close without informing ACSI, we managed to get thrown off another because Clare had the temerity to complain about the disgusting washing up area and lack of hot water. Before we left, Clare and Jack scrumped as many mandarins as they dared and we fled to Pompei.

IMG_0730This is a small well-ordered rectangular plot with 27 pitches surrounded on two sides by 20 self-catering rooms.. It is directly opposite one of the entrances to Roman Pompei. Vesuvius looms large and dominates the landscape with its head in the clouds.

IMG_0735Although we arrived early, we decided to wait until tomorrow before visiting the preserved city.

Ben and I went off to look for a kettle at Carrefour, it didn’t have one but it did have a 1000 watt electric hob for 15 Euros. Perfect – we already have two kettles. I also bought two 5m extension leads. Back at the site I swapped the plug on one extension lead for a UK plug. So far so good. The UK three square pin socket in the van is just behind the front passenger seat, so I ran the extension lead out of the passenger door, over the top of the van, along the top of the wind out awning, and into the tent awning. So far so good. I unpacked the hob, which is delightfully compact and ran into my first problem. The hob has a 2 round pin round plug. The extension socket has three round pins all in a line.


Back to Carrefour for an adaptor.

Problem number two. Italian three round pin plugs and sockets come in two sizes, large and small rated 10A and 16A. My extension lead was 10A and I bought a 16A adapter. Hook-up is only 6A and the hob 4 or 5 amps, so current shouldn’t be a problem.

Back to Carrefour.

I found a 10/16A socket.


So, I now have a continental plug into a 16A Italian adaptor into a 10/16A Italian socket wired onto a 10A Italian 5m extension lead, connected to another 10A Italian 5m extension lead with a 13A British plug.

The hob works. Our 12 volt kettle is now redundant.

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