Day 166 – Pompei

After walking around Pompei in the rain, we all had colds and coughs in the morning. Instead of our excursion to Herculaneum we checked into one of the rooms on the campsite and kept warm. We also packed away the tent between rain showers.

Clare and Jack slept in the room, Ben and I in the roof bed.

We don’t use our tailgate prop very often, but the replacement is far superior to its predecessor. The Stanley prop has three parts, the first two parts clamp open with a grip bolt to hold it open, the third part ratchets open. The boat cover support, previously used as a prop, had a twist clamp. One day I had not properly tightened the support and it slipped causing the very heavy tailgate to crash down onto the support which fell inwards to the boot damaging it beyond repair. Fortunately no harm was done to anyone or to Amarillo.