Day 167 – Pompei to Nicotera

Having packed the van the night before we were able to set off in good time, and drove along the coast road to Sorrento. In Sorrento itself we turned off the main road and encountered some seriously narrow streets, and twice had to turn back as I was worried about scraping both sides of the van simultaneously on the high stone walls. One street was marked as being just 1.80m wide!

We drove along the dramatic Amalfi coast road but were forced back across the peninsula by landslides further along. We then drove up some of the steepest roads I have ever encountered, the tyres struggling to grip the wet tarmac. The town was called Furore!

The diversion took us almost back to Pompei, but soon we were speeding south on an excellent and free motorway. We arrived late and have checked into a very nice and basic bungalow for €40 per night. The rain has stopped but is forecast again for tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 167 – Pompei to Nicotera

  1. I do hope your colds are here today and gone tomorrow. I have had the worst one ever. Was in and out of bed as opportunity allowed. Think it’s better today. We managed to pack up last night and can manage without another bag. Got all that really mattered in just no clothes!love mexxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

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