Day 168 – Nicotera

We managed to take the boys and Meg onto the beach to play before the rain started – and just as well, it continued raining heavily all day. Not wanting to be confined to a small room all day we took Amarillo out for a drive. We did a semi-circular route around the wart on top of Italy’s big toe (look at a map).

The area is just full of citrus fruit trees, with the fruit all perfectly ripe. Much of it is wasted, falling on the road, but it makes a satisfying squelch as you drive over it. On several occasions we plucked ripe satsumas from overhanging branches and ate them immediately. I’ve no idea what Italy’s scrumping laws are, but it seems criminal to allow all this to go to waste.

At one point on our excursion the road was blocked by land slip, and we had to divert along the old road and into the hills. This warty peninsula seems very rich with hillside holiday villas overlooking the Mediterranean, I expect that being on the coast it is cooler in summer than most places even a little further inland.

We have been looking ahead to our time on Sicily, two birthdays – Ben on the 20th and me on the 21st – and Christmas. Little rain is forecast for that period, just sun, sun and cloud and daytime temperatures to 14 degrees. Not quite BBQ on the beach weather, but that will do.

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