Day 191 to 193 – Noto

i have been reading that Southern Italy has been in the grip of something like a winter heatwave, while the north has been shivering in blizzards. We have no comment about the north, but can confirm that we have spent the last three days in shorts, paddling in the sea and building sand castles. Apparently the mercury hit 24.1 degrees on Monday in Palermo. We were not there but at the sourthetn tip of the island basking in the winter sunshine perhaps a degree or two warmer than that. Days are lengthening too, with the period dawn to dusk now early 10 hours. All good things come to an end, thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow.

We have now booked our crossing to Greece. We depart Brindisi at 7pm on 7 February and disembark at Igoumenitsa at 3.30 am the following morning. It will be our longest sea passage. The pricing structure is delightfully transparent, with all components of our menagerie charged: port tax €10, child €20, dog €30, adult €40 and car €50. We have also booked a private four berth cabin for the crossing. I hope the sea will be calm. How refreshing to be able to understand the pricing structure, quite unlike P&O Dover to Calais, who are happy to charge £22.50 for a car and seven passengers, while charging £25 for a tandem and two cyclists for the same day return crossing.

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