Day 203 – Noto to Marina di Caulonia

We left our house for the last two weeks at 10.13 and headed for Catania, Sicily’s second city basking in the shadow of Etna. Catania, being so close to such a large and dominant mountain has its own microclimate, and boasts being the warmest city of anywhere in Italy in the winter months. We have watched the temperature closely over the last two weeks, and the forecast temperature in Catania has hovered between 16 and 20 degrees. However, we were not going there to bask, we were going there to exchange our nearly empty campingaz bottle for a full one. We should not have bothered trying: the only campingaz bottle supplier in southern Sicily was out of stock. We have one more place to try before we cross to Greece: Brindisi – our port of departure.

Mr Sat-Nav made a hash of getting me to the right place to catch the ferry to the mainland, directing me to the wrong terminal. Fortunately, flirty Italian wannabe Romeos were confused by the left hand drive car, thought Clare was magicking the van along, and directed her to the correct place, coyly waving at me upon realising their lusty mistake.

With a quarter of a tank remaining, we wanted to refuel before arriving at the campsite, tried a self serve pump – the chip and pin reader was broken so we left still with a quarter of a tank. Never mind! We will refuel next time we move. Apart from that, the drive was unremarkable.

Our campsite is ultra grotty, but has some charm, I’m not quite sure why… Perhaps it’s the rabbit called Jennty in one of the toilet blocks, or the goat Ben and I stumbled into when taking Meg for a goodnight walk. Anyway – there’s a restaurant on site which is open, its pizzas start at 6 Euros, it has beer, so that is all good. And we are close to an empty beach. But temperatures are forecast for four degrees lower than we have been used to on Sicily. The days are 5 minutes shorter too.

It’s good to be sleeping back in the van.

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