Day 212 – Marina di Caulonia to Calabernardo

We packed away quickly enough, paid Islam for the camping, and he gave Ben and Jack yet another crate of oranges.


Citrus fruits are everywhere at this time of year!

We drive swiftly to Villa San Giovanni, waited 20 minutes for the ferry, and stayed in the van for the short passage back to Sicily.. Driving standards in Italy are generally poor, in the south they are worse than the north, and on Sicily they are atrocious. The safest place to be is the slowest vehicle on the inside lane of the motorway. Being in no hurry, that is where I positioned ourselves as we headed for Ikea.

Ikea is a great place to eat with children. It is cheap and children can play watched by their parents while they finish their meal. As we drove into the Ikea car park I noticed that all the flags were at half mast.


Apparently Ikea’s founder had just died aged 91.

We had lunch/dinner together as a family, then a five minute drive to the airport, which turned into 15 minutes because I took a wrong turn. A tearful farewell and I was on my own with the two boys and flirty Meg for a week.

Our first stop was the supermarket for milk, bread and other essentials. The boys tried to convince me that mum always bought various packets of sweets, crisps and biscuits. I didn’t fall for it!

Then to the house in Calabernado. It really is the perfect place for us at this time. Sensible layout and an enormous secure garden for the boys and flirty Meg. No need for dinner – early bed.

You can see the huge garden by copying and pasting the coordinates into Google Maps, 36°52’04.7″N 15°08’05.1″E, the garden is the entire patch of green, both sides of the dividing hedge. The grey rectangle is the drive.

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