Day 213 to 215 – Calabernado

My coffee and cornflakes tasted a bit odd, a closer inspection of the milk I had bought revealed the reason.


It is the confusion caused by shopping with two boys running wild in the ailes that made the mistake. I just wanted to tick things off my list as quickly as possible and get out, saw the word latte and went for it. We still have another two litres to drink. On the plus side, dogs can digest goats’ milk more easily than cows’ milk.

We stayed in the house all day Monday, the garden in plenty big enough for Meg and the boys. On Tuesday we had an excursion to Macdonalds in Syracuse, a bit sad, I know, but it is a contained safe area, and the food comes quickly..

Staying in this house again is a boon for Jack’s toilet training. We have now had three consecutive dry days. He just runs about wearing nothing between his shirt and crocs. Both boys get a treat if Jack pees on the grass or two treats if he pees in the loo. Ben encourages Jack to go inside and use the loo.

Tonight was a supermoon, and we went for a night walk to see our moon shadows.. Flirty Meg came too, on a very short lead – the last thing I want is to use the van’s boot as a whelping box somewhere in Bulgaria or Romania. The moon did not disappoint. It was big, white and perfectly round shimmering over the water.


I promised the boys a plate of chips to share at the local restaurant – but it was closed. That caused trouble… resolved with the promise of biscuits when we got home. By now we were being followed through the town by a pack of suitors for flirty Meg, and she was certainly enjoying the attention, pausing at each post, rock or car wheel to spray her scent which was immediately re scented by the pack of half a dozen following dogs. Sicily, and the whole south of Italy, is home to a very large number of stray dogs. We probably have another week of this flirty Meg, and by the time we take the ferry to Greece on 7 February she will have calmed down.

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