Day 221 – Salicetti

We are on a lovely campsite, right by the sea, where the arch of Italy’s boot begins. The few people on the campsite are retired German couples spending the winter in Southern Europe. The reviews of the campsite really do not do it justice: it has an ACSI rating of 7.2, and we try to avoid any campsite with a score below 8.0. Apart from a dated sanitary block, this is a good campsite, in a great location with a wonderful private beach – all for 13 Euros per night.


Unfortunately we are not here for long. Tomorrow, with storms forecast, we take the overnight ferry to Greece. I’m worried. Winds of 35-55 knots, thunderstorms, rough seas. I wonder if they will lash the van down as I remember them doing to cars on cross Channel ferries years ago when the sea was high. I don’t suppose there is any chance at all of the boys sleeping through the entire crossing…

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