Day 228 to 230 – Vartholomio

It has been a wet and blustery three days. The best place to be when it is raining is inside the van, our driveaway awning has a couple of leaks and now I have discovered a hole in the wind out awning – pine needles or something must have got caught on the top and wound into the awning piercing it.

So on Tuesday we drove due east towards a reservoir to see what we could see, and that included beautiful looking snow capped mountains in the distance. I think they must have been the Erymanthos range. We did not go that far, instead driving around the reservoir and getting a feel for non touristy parts of the Peloponnesus.

On the way home we stopped for dinner in a small town. Eating out in Greece appears to be 2/3 the price of Italy. We paid 35 Euros for the four of us. The restaurant was empty, and the owner/waiter/chef had to phone a friend to buy the ingredients for our meal – which was very basic grilled meat and salad. The boys loved the open fire.


On Wednesday we stayed on the campsite, and although very blustery Ben and Jack could play on the beach. A lovely river complete with tributary had formed over the sand which the boys played in wearing their wet suits. Every so often a particularly large wave would send a bore up the river and up the beach to the ditch separating the beach and farmland.

Thurday was another very wet day, and we went in search of thermal springs. The waters were warm and smelly, but not hot like the springs on Sicily. We then went on to a hilltop castle where the curators fell in love with Ben and Jack.


The castle guards the port below which we visited next to watch the large ferries connecting the Ionian islands with the mainland dock.


Ben’s school admission saga has raised its ugly head once again. Apparently the Admissions Manager for Greenwich, who decided that Ben’s home address is not in Greenwich, has phoned the Admissions Manager in Lewisham to say that she does not think we live there either. Quite what she is hoping to achieve by making that phone call is unclear, but the result has been an email from the Lewisham Admissions Manager now asking for confirmation that we will be living at the Lewisham address when we return to the UK. I have emailed a reply that Lewisham and Greenwich need to decide between them were Ben’s principal home address is: our house in Greenwich which we consider home but don’t pay the council tax; our flat in Lewisham which we don’t consider home but do pay the council tax; or wherever we happen to be camping. Once they have decided they should progress the appropriate application.

It really should not make any difference whatever they decide – both our house and flat are in the catchement area of the same primary school with 90 reception class places. I would find it hard to believe that there are 90 children of Ben’s age living within 1/2 mile of the school which is its distance from our house.

The absurd and real danger now will be that Greenwich will conclude that we live in Lewisham and Lewisham will conclude that we live in Greenwich, both will tear up our application forms, we will have to make an in-year school application for Ben and will be offered a place at a school the other end of the borough.

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