Day 231 & 232 – Vartholomio

After the rain came two days of glorious sunshine, and warm sunshine too with a temperature of about 16 degrees, plenty warm enough for sitting out, or playing in the beach stream.


The stream has been a great hit with Ben and Jack who have dammed it and diverted it. Even Meg has helped with the excavations.

And, of course, with clear skies comes buratiful sunsets. Below is of the sun setting behind the southern end of Zakynthos.


Days are noticeably longer now too. While in Sicily the daylight time passed 10 hours; it is now nearly 11 hours.

For the past ten years Greece has had in place laws banning smoking in public places. You would not know it. Tonight we went out for dinner as it is our last night here. We went to a restaurant on the hilltop in Kastro, the first place we have been to which has been busy, and it was full of the blue haze of cigarette smoke. I wonder if smoking in restaurants is something that will define the Balkans. Although common 20 years ago throughout Europe, we have not encountered it anywhere else on our trip around Europe.

More rain is forecast for the next few days and we have taken the decision to stay in houses for most of the rest of our time in Greece. A two bedroom apartment in a rural location is €140 per week – very affordable on our budget for everything of about €700 per week.

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