Day 233 – Vartholomio to Koroni

With very wet weather forecast for the next seven days, we decided to take a house for the week. We trawled through Airbnb for a suitable place, found one near Koroni in the southern Pelopenese and booked a single night with Airbnb for €20 plus their 15% commission. Once booked we were able to contact the host and agree a six night extension commission free. Perfect.

We had mostly pre packed so we had a good start on our journey, stopping in the town for coffee – we’d pre packed the kettle and dare not use our small 12 volt kettle for fear of damaging further the leisure battery..

The sat nav was routing us more or less directly halfway to Koroni, then routing us around a small range of hills. I asked the sat nav to look for the most direct route. Obligingly it did, and we soon found ourselves climbing past isolated farms through open olive groves with goats casually grazing below. As we climbed higher the roads became narrower and so badly potholed that we were reminded of some lanes we know on the North Downs. Then the road surface disappeared altogether leaving a slippery gravel and rock surface.

We turned back and reprogrammed the Sat Nav for the quickest route.

with Airbnb we never quite no what we will get. We were met in the village of Kompi by Dimitri who showed us to our apartment. A large hallway, kitchen, two bedrooms and a massive covered balcony are ours. Denitri lives below and there is another apartment above. The block is at the end of the road and is set in a fenced plot which includes a farmyard, orange and lemon trees, a small olive grove, vegetable patches and chickens. It is not dissimilar in character from the farmhouse where we stayed outside Balestrate on Sicily. Gloriously dilapidated.

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