Day 234 – Koroni

The rain started at 10am and has been continuous since. We drove into Koroni to see what it offers and found a castle. It is clearly an important and large castle but has had little restoration work which makes it an excellent playground for young boys.

We then explored the town a little which is mostly unspoiled by tourism. The wonderful thing about being here off season is the place is empty and we have it to ourselves.

We tried stopping at a supermarket on our way home but they all had shut for the remainder of the day at 14h. Perhaps Chinese New Year is a holiday in Greece?

It rained all afternoon, and while Clare and the boys watched a film I walked Meg through the olive groves between the village and the sea.


It took me an hour to wind my way around the muddy puddles to the coast.

I returned soon after dark soaked, and was greeted with a ping on my phone. It was an email from Lewisham School Admissions. They have refused our application for Ben because they have decided that we live in Greenwich.

So, to summarise the situation:

A family own a house and a flat in neighbouring London Boroughs. The house in Greenwich they consider home but they cannot currently reside there because it is occupied by another family on a one year tenancy. They have never lived in the Lewisham flat, but could do so because it is unoccupied. The family pay council tax on this property.

Where does the family’s son live for the purposes of school admissions.

  1. Greenwich
  2. Lewisham
  3. Overseas
  4. They are homeless travellers

Greenwich say #2, Lewisham say #1 – both now agree we do not live overseas and that we are not homeless.

The relavent legislation is here:

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