Day 240 – Koroni to Monastiraki

We moved from one Airbnb house to another. The first we stayed in because of a poor weather forecast: it rained heavily for 5 days of 7; the second because Clare is returning home to see her parents, all planned and booked before her father fell and broke his hip.

Packing is easy when staying in a house. No wet awning to deflate and pack away, no topper to remove and roof to lock in place, and no bed to morph into a bench, just bags to pack away., so we were off in good time.

There had been more heavy rain overnight, and the hills ahead were all capped with snow. I think we only stopped once: to withdraw cash from a post office cash dispenser. The exchange rate being 1.13, I declined its offer to debit my account in pounds and give me 1.05 Euros to the pound. I withdrew 450 Euros on one card for which I’ve been debited £397.73 – a rate of 1.13 to the pound. Even with the separate 1.5% commission charge, and foreign withdrawal fee of £1.50, it is far cheaper than accepting the 1.05 rate offered by the Greek post office. Exchange rate costs are a major part of our expenses during our year away. Whenever possible we pay using credit cards, far cheaper and far safer than cash, but here in Greece, cash is king.

Our new house, where we will be for ten nights, is huge. Two bedrooms and three reception rooms. It was clearly a much loved family home at one time, now rented out to supplement retirement income. The owner has a small taverna in the village. Ben and I will rattle about in such a big house while Clare and Jack are away.

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