Day 245 to 248 – Monastiraki

Ben and I have been alone here for four days and we find the village community open and welcoming. We are being provided with a constant supply of local produce – oranges by the dozen, eggs, wild rocket foraged from around the olive groves and home fermented wine. Last night neighbours brought over two and a half portions of moussaka which we both enjoyed. We still have a portion left to share for lunch today.


And I suppose that is the great thing about the trip we are doing: we have the time to immerse ourselves in the communities we pass through, even more so staying in Airbnb accommodation than in our van on a campsite. Ben is a brilliant ice breaker with the locals, he has the confidence to run up to people and start chatting to them.

The village where we are staying is about 8km north of Argos, on a hillside with a view of the entire Argolis Plain to the sea.


The plain is seemingly endless orange groves, while the hillsides are olives.

It is a wonder that the locals are so warm and welcoming. I don’t think we have felt so welcome anywhere since we left the Baltic States. With their refugee problems from neighbouring Turkey and their financial crisis, it is amazing that they are all so generous to passing travellers.

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