Day 249 & 250 – Monastiraki

Two full days of summer sunshine. The mercury has jumped up from the high teens to mid 20s, and there is a haze of Saharan dust hanging over the Argolis Plain.

On Tuesday Ben, Meg and I had a long walk in the Olive groves above our village. We were nearly back at our house when Meg started barking at a peculiarly coloured rock – funny thing she is, I’m sure she must be long sighted.  She was just dancing about this rock barking at it, lunging towards it then jumping back. Stupid dog! But then the rock moved, so Ben and I went into the olive grove to look.


Perhaps not such a stupid dog. She had just found a really handsome tortoise. Ben was thrilled.

Late afternoon we set off for Athens Airport to collect Clare and Jack. There are five toll booths on the route, and of course being in an English car I was on the wrong side to pay. I can undo my seatbelt and lean across, but it is far more fun to overshoot the booth, give the money to Ben and let him open the sliding window to pay. It amuses the toll booth staff also, instead of dealing with a fat Romanian lorry driver, they have an enthusiastic four year old English boy. The only problem is that I still have to undo my seat belt and lean across to close the sliding window – although even that might now be resolved, I think Ben might have learned how to snap the last bit closed with his foot.

A joyful reunion at Athens Airport and a late night to bed. Clare and Jack slept until 10.30 the following morning. I slipped off to Argos to buy some fresh bread without anyone knowing I had gone.

A fairly lazy final day in our house for 11 nights. On our walk through the lower orange groves Ben and Jack rode their bikes and found a tree to climb.


Two men walking along the road were charmed by the sight of them and stopped to look. We chatted them, there are Pakistani migrants from Lahore, and have lived in Greece for three years picking fruit and other odd jobs. We walked with them back to the village.

This being out last night in Monastiraki we went out for dinner. Jack learned to spread tzatiki onto toast by himself, in many ways he is better with a knife and fork than his older brother. He is certainly more adventurous with food.


One thought on “Day 249 & 250 – Monastiraki

  1. I just wanted to say that I love your blog. On retirement my husband and I spent six months in mainland Greece in our campervan. We loved it, and received so much kindness from Greeks. We were wild camping and the only time we were moved on was to tell us that there was a spot with a tap and a better view if you hundred yards further on! We now have a smaller van, a California like you.


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