Day 252 to 254 – Kato Gatzea

We are really blown away by Greece. Georgeous country, friendly people, superb weather, cheap restaurants and empty motorways.

After much Airbnbing we are back in the campervan, right on the shore of Pagasetic Gulf. Locals tell us that at this time of year the water temperature is as cool as it gets – 13 degrees compared to 27 degrees at the end of the summer. The boys and Meg love it, but it is too cold for delicate me.

The village is charming. We took a walk along to there on Friday and walked out to sea on a precarious pontoon.


After a coffee we returned and our only neighbours on the campsite, a German couple, taught Ben how to fish.


On Saturday we stayed mostly on the campsite, going out in the evening for dinner. Being a tourist area, it is more expensive than Argos where we were consistently eating for under 30 Euros, here it was a smidgen under 40 Euros – two adults, two children; Greek salad starter (shared), meat main and drinks.

Eating out is a big chunk of our budget, but it is an important part of our European experience. We rarely ate out on the first stage of our trip – three times over six weeks in Norway. But here it is more affordable so we can eat out more often.

Sunday was another warm sunny day – but I am now suffering back pain. The boys are getting heavier and too often I carry one of them on my shoulders or in my arms. It is not doing my back any favours. Walking helps, so leaving Clare alone with the boys I took Meg into the hills behind our campsite.

I soon found a path that wound its way up the hillside, which is studded with cottages and lonely chapels.  Chickens pecking freely unharrassed by the dogs chained in the yards. Spring is well underway with poppies creating a red sheen above the lush grass below the olive trees.


Looking back was Kato Gatzea now far below, snow capped mountains the far side of the gulf.

We have downloaded a new film for the boys to watch, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The sound track I know well, I think my grandparents had the record, but the film I did not recall so well. The boys were transfixed.


At 2 1/2 hours, it is a long film.

2 thoughts on “Day 252 to 254 – Kato Gatzea

  1. Looks great. You obviously fell asleep like Jack during Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, it was on every Christmas. But I don’t remember it as clearly as say, Oliver.


  2. It’s the POSH, POSH travelling life
    The travelling life for me –
    First class and Captain’s table
    Regal company ….!
    Lovely to think of you all enjoying CCBB in Greece – one of my favourite children’s films in one of my favourite countries. Xxxx


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