Day 255 to 257 – Kato Gatzea to Alexandroupoli via Kavala

We will remember Kato Gatzea for its amazing sunsets. On our last full day there we walked into the village, sat outside a restaurant on a platform built out into the gulf, ordered ice creams, and watched the sun go down behind the snow capped Mount Othrys. It was time to move on.

We packed what we could the night before, and packed the rest as soon as we got up and set off on the long drive to Alexandroupolis.

We were never very hopeful of making the journey in one go, and after a long stop to shop at Lidl and another to refuel and a third to walk Meg and the boys, it soon became clear that we’d have to find somewhere to stay overnight. I knew there was an all-year campsite in Kavala, so we headed there. It was not a discount Camping Card site, but is ACSI listed, and cost €18.60 for the night. As it turned out, it was rather nice. The manager greeted us when we arrived, and as we chatted it turned out that he lived in Greenwich for two years and has rather fond memories of our home town – he remembers all the pubs!

Once we managed to break away from him, we set up our overnight camp using the safari room for storage of tent and child car seats, and sat down to a simple dinner of frankfurters, pasta and pickles.

On the way we needed to stop to refuel, and I finally found a fire extinguisher. It is a legal requirement to carry one in Bulgaria. It came as part of a pack, including also a first aid kit (which we already have) and a warning triangle (which we also have). But at €16.50 I felt it worth buying just for the fire extinguisher to make us legal in Bulgaria. I now had time to examine my new purchase. The extinguisher’s instructions are all in Greek, so I have no idea how to operate it. The warning triangle appears to be cheap but serviceable and I have stowed it with the other below the driver’s seat. The first aid kit was clinically wrapped to keep the contents sterile, so I unwrapped it.


That’s it! A packet of tissues, a single alcohol swab and a micro plaster. Feeling safe and secure, we went to bed and slept soundly.

The next morning, with not far to go, we went for a walk along the beach – which was a rather nice beach. Soft golden sand. We took off the boys clothes and they played naked in the cold water while Clare and I sat on a weather worn log. After drying and dressing the boys we continued along the beach until at last we knew we had reached its end.


The drive to Alexandroupolis was just 90 minutes, and we arrived in time for lunch. It is a municipal campsite in the town itself, about 100 Km south of the Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian border tripoint.

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