Day 258 to 260 – Alexandroupolis

Not since San Marino at the end of last autumn have we parked up for four nights and managed with battery power, topped up during the day with solar charge. This is a municipal campsite, charging four Euros per night for electric hookup. Everything we use can be powered from the van’s 12 volt circuits except for recharging the laptop and our electric toothbrushes.

The fridge and car WiFi are permanently on, drawing about 1 Amp between them on average over a 24 hour period. With sunset at about 6.30pm, lighting is used from then until about 10 pm; the awning lights draw 2 Amps, and the internal van lights probably a similar amount. Phones take 1 Amp for two hours to fully recharge, and our tablets take a massive 2.1 Amps for five and a half hours to fully recharge. Fully recharging both tablets overnight would use a third of the van’s battery’s capacity, so we only recharge tablets during the day when the sun is pumping up to 12 Amps back into the battery.

I’m pleased to say that we have survived the four nights without power cuts, saving us 16 Euros in hookup charges.

I’m sorry to say that both our electric toothbrushes, charging in the bathrooms from the shaver points, were stolen, costing us 60 Euros to replace. Net loss 44 Euros.

We have really enjoyed Greece, the people have been the friendliest and most welcoming of any country we have visited. It is sad that this has happened on our final full day in the country.

Alexandroupolis is a border city just 20 Km west of the Turkish border. The two countries share only two border crossings on the mainland. There seem to be plenty of Turkish shoppers in the city, but, we are told, many more Greek shoppers flock to Turkey for its cheap clothing. We won’t be going east to Turkey, our car insurance cover is not valid in Turkey. Instead we go north to Bulgaria, the start of our three month journey home.

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