Day 275 – Berca

After breakfast we visited a bank to withdraw same Romania Lei, and then a supermarket for lunch items, before rocking and rolling for a great many kilometres along an unmade road to visit some volcanoes.

This was the reason for our visit. Ever since visiting Pompeii, which Ben calls the “oh dear” city, he has been obsessed with volcanoes. While on Scicily we visited Etna, but didn’t even come close to the summit crater. Here was an opportunity to visit real live and very active volcanoes.

After some hairy moments sliding around in mud on the dirt track we made it to the volcano car park and paid our 5 lei fee (we could have parked for free 100 metres further on) and slipped the rest of the way to the volcanoes. They were everything we could have hoped for. A moonscape adventure with mud bubbling from the multiple craters, mud flows, extinct or dormant volcanoes, and clearly a changing landscape, not over millennia but over years and decades.



Mud, water and gasses deep underground bubble to the surface here forming these volcanoes, with the craters just one or two metres high. The whole area becomes a mudscape. We loved it.

We returned to our hotel at three, enjoyed Easter chocolate and cartoons before heading out for dinner. Pizza, salad and drinks for four – 57 lei, about 11 pounds. Tomorrow we need to wash Amarillo. Apparently it’s illegal to drive dirty cars in Romania.


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