Day 289 – Kopačevo to Duga Resa

I had though of Croatia as a long strip of land along the Adriatic coast. This is, of course, entirely incorrect. West to east is 466 km, northwest to southeast 480 km. At its widest it is nearly as long as its entire length and certainly northern Croatia has the greater land area.


We were in eastern Croatia, wanting to head south avoiding Serbia so we would not face difficulty re-entering the UK with Meg: Serbia is an unlisted country for the Pet Passport Scheme – and I do not understand the implications if we took Meg to an unlisted country.

So, to get from the east of Croatia to the southeast, avoiding Serbia, we need to drive due west then southeast, in a large chevron shape with legs of about 300 km. The great benefit of this is seeing the non-Adriatic side of Croatia. We’ve now completed that first east-west leg and landed ourselves at a rather nice campsite with absolutely spotless washrooms.

My first job when we arrived was to fix Ben’s puncture, a job made somewhat easy by having a spare tube! He then promptly fell of his bike and bit his tongue in the process…



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