Day 291 & 292 – Gradac

On Tuesday we learned that Ben has a place at our first choice school, Coopers Lane, less than half a mile from home but in a different London borough.

Then on Wednesday we learnt that Jack has a place at the nursery in the same school: they will be starting school together.


Lovely quiet campsite, right on the beach. Few people when we arrived, but several more came.

We had our usual setup, wind out awning fully extended and the driveaway awning attached to that.


When it rained everything had to come in which makes it all a bit chaotic. And to make matters worse, Clare and I have been suffering with heavy colds.


Then, dramatically, on our final night I had to get up early in the morning to separate the driveaway awning from the wind out awning, and wind in the canopy. The wind was just too strong. I had some spare guy ropes to provide extra support for what was now a stand-alone tent, and fortunately all but one of the additional five guys held throughout the night – but I was concerned, the wind was that strong!


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