Day 294 to 296 – Orebić

We have now been here 3 full days, this is our forth night, and we are really appreciating this campsite. It is a superb location with stunning views across the bay and its islands.


The boys have found some Swiss friends of a similar age, and they all play together. The washrooms are the best we have seen with showers of a sensible size and a scaled down children’s bathroom.

Ben and Jack had enjoyed looking at the kittens they watched being born. They really were beginning to look like little cats.


We had been feeding mum with tuna and made sure she had plenty of water. On one occasion Meg slipped out of the van, and as she passed the nest mum came out and got Meg to chase her, away from her babies.

And then, yesterday afternoon, the kittens disappeared. Perhaps mum has taken them elsewhere where they will be safe, but our fear is that the campsite has euthanised them. Mum spent all evening around her bush miaowing and looking lost (which drove Meg mad). At least the boys seem unphasef by the kittens’ disappearance.

After a short nine months, Ben has definitely outgrown his bicycle. I should have bought him the size bigger back in August. I have now ordered a size 6+ bike, with gears, and he should be able to use that for school. This is now bike number 4!

I keep trying pedals on Jack’s bike, but he just doesn’t get it. He will glide about on two wheels perfectly confidently shooting down hills at speed, and scooting with his feet on uphill sections, but won’t yet pedal. He will learn in his own time. Ben was nearly three and a half when he first pedalled, so Jack still has time.

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