Day 300 – Orebić

We celebrated our tercentenary day away with lunch in Orebić. We cycled into town on our Bromptons, the boys on the crossbar seats.

While waiting for our food to be prepared, Ben and Jack went to look for fish at the end of the jetty.


In the distance you can see an island with a lighthouse. The whole island and lighthouse is available to rent for €399 per night on Airbnb. Quite how it has happened that an American holiday rental service has been able to dominate the European holiday rental market is beyond my understanding.

300 days and no shave! My beard was getting beyond control. I could bear it no longer. Off I went for a haircut and trim.


2 thoughts on “Day 300 – Orebić

  1. It is so lverly to hear your latest I’d lov e to be enjoying it all with you but it is almost as good hearing about it all. In the paper yesrerday there were suggestions for alternative destinations for overcrowded ones For Dubrovnik they said kotar but we stayed in kotar. It was just as spoilt by tables and chairs everywhere but was nothing like so dramatic. I think you have the answer. Stay outside and have a visit. The over crowding does spoil things. Boys are gorgeous Lolmexxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

    Sent from Jane’s iPad



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