Day 304 – Orebić to Starigrad

Packing up we had a deadline to meet, a midday ferry from Trpanj to Ploce. I wanted to be on the road by 11am for the 20 minute drive to the ferry terminal, giving us time to buy tickets. By the time we had paid our bill and said our goodbyes to the wonderful campsite manager, we were on the road by 11:01.

We met a friend on the ferry. Karen is travelling solo with her two whippets, and she had joined us for a drink and pizza the night before. As we were about to arrive at Ploce, Ben explained to her that the ferry was about to “dock”. Clearly Karen was impressed by Ben’s vocabulary as she went on to describe a Guardian article about children starting school who cannot speak.

We had been intending to take the coast road, highway 8, to Starigrad, but it was very windy which made Clare feel sick, and halfway to Split we joined the toll road.

Progress was then fast and we arrived at our campsite soon after 4pm. If we stopped at all on the way, I don’t remember stopping.

The campsite was pleasant enough, with a small playground, and a walk into town that reminded me of the walk into Emsworth from the west – a difference being that here the tides are non existent or negligible, whereas Emsworth has a tidal range of up to about 5m. Despite the familiarity we decided to stay just one night, and press onto Krk the following day. It was my turn in the roof with the two boys, and Clare curled up on the bench seat: sleeping in “transit mode” without unpacking.

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