Day 306 to 311 Krk

Google seems to know more about my whereabouts than I do. Since September 2013 Google has a record of everywhere I have been with my iPhone and it throws up some surprising results.

On our drive to Krk we came across a fatal motorbike crash. I would have said that I drove no differently before and after the incident, however, my driving was so significantly different after the crash that Google thought I had transferred from motor vehicle to bicycle.


77 miles in 2h27. Google must think I’m a pretty impressive cyclist to be able to sustain 30mph over such a distance!

This campsite is a holiday park. Our favourite feature is not the water park, or the nudist beach, or even the extensive private woodland where we can walk Meg for miles and miles off lead. It is the “Kiddies Klub”. You can drop your children off at 10am and collect them at midday, and then again between 4pm and 6pm. Wow! Four hours per day child free – what a bonanza! And no extra charge…

But here is a strange thing. Clare and I were taking advantage of child free time by walking into town when we came across this:


For those of you who like me your eyesight is fading, if you zoom in on the words above the kiosk, you can see some words. They read, “fish pedicure krk”. For five days, and until just this moment of writing, I have been in a perpetual state of bafflement about what it could be. But now I’ve worked it out – memory winding back 15 or so years and the newly opened Holiday Inn in Sanya, and I dangled my feet into a pool of water infested with piranha like creatures, which immediately started nibbling my toes. Yes, I had a “fish pedicure sanya” all those years ago. I might even have a photo of it somewhere.

Ben and Jack have gained much confidence in the water. Neither can swim yet, but I don’t think it will be long now.

A holiday park… we were not expecting this for 19 Euros per night. The boys have been exhausted daily.


The mountains of Slovenia next, then the Dolomites and then Romansh speaking Switzerland.

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