Day 312 – Krk to Bohinjska Bistrica

I had a bit of a shock when we checked out of the campsite on Krk. The equivalent of 28 Euros for washing. Washing has been a significant cost on our trip, with two excitable boys one just out of nappies and the other coming out of nappies during our trip, it has been necessary to use campsite machines regularly. Typically the charge is 3 to 5 Euros per wash, here it was 7 Euros.

Bill paid, Clare and I swam together before collecting the boys from Kiddies Klub at 12, and we left the coast, probably not to see the sea again until Calais.

As we approached the bridge between Krk and the mainland we saw an electronic sign: “NO TOLL FREE EXIT”. We struggled to work out its meaning. Clare read it as “No toll-free exit” meaning there was a toll to pay; I read it as “No toll, free exit” meaning exactly the opposite. Happily, I was right, the bridge toll to Krk is paid onto the island, not off.

It was not far to the Slovenian border, and soon we were winding our way up into the mountains, climbing as high as 4,500 feet and finding snow once more. To use Slovenian motorways it is necessary to buy a vignette, the minimum period being 10 days. Our planned route from Croatia to north eastern Italy and the Dolomites would take us on one very short section of motorway. We set a route avoiding this and the need to buy a ten day vignette. A consequence of this was a very slow and bendy road, and a car sick child. Perhaps it was not worth the saving.

After Croatia’s barren rocky landscape we were struck with how green and lush Slovenia is. Large open mountain meadows, where Heidi and Peter would not look out of place herding goats bare footed.

Heidi und Peter

This is a stunningly beautiful country. Our campsite is in a valley, by a rapidly flowing river, between two ranges of snow capped mountains. The big downside is that rain and thunderstorms are forecast every day that we are here.

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