Day 313 & 314 – Bohinjska Bistrica

Our campsite is between two snow capped mountain ranges, and between two lakes, Lake Bohinj 8km to the west and Lake Bled 20Km to the northeast.

We have visited this part of Slovenia before – Clare and I spent a night of our honeymoon in an apartment overlooking Lake Bled. We cycled twice around the lake before breakfast on our tandem before having breakfast at the campsite. We were intending to revisit Bled and stay on the campsite there, but are glad we followed the advice of fellow travellers and came here.

Passing through the campsite is a pristine cycle path that follows the meanders of Sava Bohinjka to Lake Bohinj. Irresistible. We cycled to the lake, Ben on his own bike and Jack on the Brompton child seat, and Meg happily trotting alongside. The lake is picture perfect.



And that’s me looking yonder.

Ben stripped off and went paddling with Meg, and Jack dangled a stick (which he called a fishing rod) into the water to catch the trout we could see in their dozens. The water must have been freezing, but Ben was happy splashing about. After our picnic lunch some ducks waddled up, and there was a three way battle to get the bread we threw in: trout, mallards and Meg (who also had an eye for the mallards).

Then the thunder battle commenced. Storms formed over the mountains either side of the valley, and they each competed for supremacy over the valley below, casting thunderbolts at one another, careless of the beleaguered cyclists and dog below. Soaked to the bone we rolled back into our campsite just as an armistice was declared and the storms retreated behind their mountains.

Pork chops and fried potatoes for dinner.

Meg has found a playmate on the campsite, Lizzie.

IMG_5210Similar ages, Meg will chase Lizzie chasing her ball. Endlessly.

With more rain forecast for the next day we went to the aquapark, at €16 for a family ticket it was a bit expensive, but we had fun, and there were two amazing water slides. I took Ben up the lower one, and we found ourselves shooting down together at about Mach 2, bum burning up, before the soothing cool of splashdown. The lower one was the fast one, only suitable for children 12+. Rules are flexible in Slovenia, and, apparently, over 4 years is close enough to 12. Next the high one, much more sedate, but in a pitch dark tunnel. This was for children age 10+, so perfectly suitable for Ben – but no, he wanted to do the fast one again…

One thought on “Day 313 & 314 – Bohinjska Bistrica

  1. Beloveds I do I’ve your blogs as well as your phone calls if I’m hone I shall be sad when blogs cease. But l might enjoy having you nearby. You realy are having a wonderful adventure. Lots of love mexxxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

    Sent from Jane’s iPad



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