Day 316 – Rasen-Antholz

At over 1000m, higher than any mountain in England, there is a chill on this campsite at night. But days are warm enough.

Like our last campsite, there is an irresistible cycle path running past. We took it to see where it would lead, and as before Ben cycling solo, Jack on a child seat and Meg trotting, and sometimes galloping, alongside.

Through the sweetly scented pine forest with the bright green hue of new growth on the tips of each branch. Past open wild flower meadows, buttercups, forget-me-nots, dandelions and cow parsley with a translucent bloom of dandelion clocks rising above, seeds drifting carelessly in the breeze. Bees hard at work. Jagged mountain ridges framing the horizon, with gullies highlighted in white streaks of snow.

We passed villages, wooden chalets with their deep eves and churches with tall narrow church clock towers topped by an octagonal pyramid.


Unlike the cycle path to Lake Bohinj, this was steeply undulating, following the course of a fast flowing river at the bottom of a shallow ravine. Ben managed remarkably well on his gearless bike – he is so ready for gears, at just four years old!

We came across a sports centre by the river with a large playground. Just the place to stop for a rest, snack and a play.

The return ride was harder, more uphill and we had to push our bikes for short sections. By one of the meadows we met an apiarist tending his hives, opening each one with a puff of smoke, removing a single rack of perfect hexagonal comb, brushing away bees with naked fingers, his hat and face protection put aside as if in France where wearing a veil in public is criminal behaviour. He spoke in a thick accented German I probably would not have understood even had I paid attention in my German classes at school. He gestured for Ben and Jack to come forward and hacked off a chunk of comb for them to taste before taking each boy forward individually to peer into the hive, bees kept docile with another puff of smoke.

Pizza last night, spaghetti bolognese tonight marks our two night stop in Italy this time.

One thought on “Day 316 – Rasen-Antholz

  1. In 1976 we were camping near Merano Naturno. We arrived fron otz via Lukmania pass. obergurgl. That was where Oliver caught hassgroppers. It was avery happy hol if a bit wet after a really hot summer here Love mexxxxxxxx

    Best wishes!

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