Day 318 – Müstair

This is a very pretty campsite in a high valley on the Swiss-Italian border. Everything is well-ordered with a Swiss quality wash block and a cafe with typically wallet-depleting prices.


First thing I took Ben to the nearby bike shop for a new tyre for his bicycle. I asked for a 16″ tyre which they promptly produced from a high rack at the rear of the showroom. Oops- wrong size, Ben needed a 12″ tyre. The assistant shuffled back to the rear of the showroom, replaced the 16″, then shuffled off to fetch the 12″. Oops again! We needed a 14″ tyre and the shop didn’t have one, but they could order it in, and it would be with them by 9am tomorrow. We ordered it and bought a bell for Ben’s bike 9.90 CHF (£7.30), £2.31 more than Jack’s bell cost.

We all went to the waterfall, Clare and I walking, and the boys on their bikes, ringing their bells in annoying disharmony, and drowning out the more somber sound of the cow bells.

The waterfall was dramatic, thundering down some 50 metres onto a jumble of rocks below.


After oooing and arrring for a while, Clare and Jack turned back while Ben and I, with Meg, followed the twisty and winding path up the crag alongside the waterfall. Far below we could make out our van.


With dusk came the rain and we ate in the van with the heater on: pizzas were baked on the Cadac and salad prepared inside.


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